Why Side-Hustling is Trending and 3 Ways to Use Side-Hustling to Your Advantage


We are now in an era where entrepreneurship is the new norm.

As automation and robotics are now putting increasing pressure on many of our jobs, we are look into more creative avenues for long term sustainability of our future. Start-up businesses and its revolving ecosystems are more wide-spread than ever before; bootcamps, incubators, accelerators and co-shared working spaces are just some of the trending areas.

Entrepreneurship may be exciting, however it is far from all sunshine. We hear from successful unicorns everyday which constantly paints a positive entrepreneurial journey, yet we forget the hard yards, the impeccable timing of those ventures and the ratio of failure to a successful unicorn; they are not nicknamed a rare fictional animal for no reason.

In reality, the path to succeeding is no less than a constant hard slog. Here is where the concept of side-hustling can really shine:

  1. You are still in a full-time job and your entrepreneurial endeavour IS your side-hustle: this is sensible when you are still in very early stages; scoping out whether the market and timing is right for your startup whilst still remaining financially stable.
  2. You are full-time in your entrepreneurial venture with a part-time side-hustle job: this is the right way to go when the primary focus switches to your own start-up business to maximise traction however the financial stability is not quite there requiring the side-hustle to establish sustainability.
  3. Whilst not specific to entrepreneurship, having a side-hustle to incubate a hobby / something enjoyable is a win-win situation for all. It often takes away the mundaneness of full-time work and will often boost work performance in the long run. You never know when those skills will become valuable in the future.

The most important aspect of implementing a successful side-hustling strategy however is one’s ability to achieve the right balance. We must be totally clear about what takes precedence and why. This way with our limited time and resources we know the right things to sacrifice. Confusing priorities will most certainly yield undesirable results.

Do you currently have a side-hustle? What is your side-hustling strategy? Do you have your priorities the right way around?

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