What is Innovation? 3 Things You and Your Business Needs to Know to Keep being Innovative and Stay Ahead

Let’s start with a word that makes almost everyone anxious: change. Part of being innovative is to embrace, drive and welcome change.

The 2 Words I’m Getting Rid of in My Life

Over the years I’ve been accustomed to 2 of the most used words by many people I talk to, know and listen to. I use them myself. Here are the words and why I want to get rid of them from my dictionary.

Easy and Affordable Home Fail-Over Solution with Ubiquit and TP-Link

Has your internet ever gone down at home, forcing you to hotspot off your phone temporarily? Hopefully this isn't happening too often, however when it does happen we found that it is really annoying to have a non-functional home network. Wouldn't it be nice to fail-over to a spare sim-card with data you will probably never use up otherwise? Pre-Requisites For this setup you will need: Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite: Or something similar from Ubiquiti should also work. This is our load-balancing device. TP-Link TL-MR6400: Or a similar device which lets you insert a sim card to get data. 4G/3G Data...

Training Your Baby into a Routine – First 3 Months

So, you are going to (or have recently had) a new addition to your family; congratulations! Enjoy the moment as it can take a while to sink in, and if you are like us being our first it is indeed extra special as everything is a new experience. Soon after your newborn arrives into this world, unless you are well prepared or have had prior experience, you are going to be in a frantic panic to keep everything in order. Having a little one is not quite like any other experience and can be hard to plan for and tiring....
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