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The Slow Death of Innovation and Start-ups in Australia

Australia has been trending as a place not to be for start-ups. Living in Australia and being involved in the innovative start-up space, it is saddening to see such a trend occurring in our own backyards.

Cost v.s. Convenience; Pick One Unless You Are Innovative

The Australian economy has not been in great shape as of late, with many industries struggling to keep afloat. Retail seems to be one of the worst hit. Constant rate-cuts and the newly introduced income tax cut are just measures the government are trying to put in place to stimulate the very much stagnated domestic economy.

Why Side-Hustling is Trending and 3 Ways to Use Side-Hustling to Your Advantage

As automation and robotics are now putting increasing pressure on many of our jobs, we are look into more creative avenues for long term sustainability of our future. Start-up businesses and its revolving ecosystems are more wide-spread than ever before; bootcamps, incubators, accelerators and co-shared working spaces are just some of the trending areas.